Mission Statement
To bring people to a life of joy and fulfillment by developing spiritual maturity in their relationship with God.


What is Spiritual Maturity?

Spiritual maturity is simply this, To learn, and apply principles from the Bible in everyday life.
We believe the Bible is inspired by God and has all the wisdom needed to face anything in this life. It doesn't mean we don't go through hard times, it just means we can know how we should respond to those hard times. And we have the comfort that God gives whenever we need it. It's great knowing God is cheering for you!

We believe people are like bananas, they grow best in bunches. 

No one person is smart enough to know everything. That"s why we have church. Not only do we read the Bible for ourselves, we also have Pastors and Teachers who share with us the truths they have found.

Everyone has their own personal experiences in life. We can learn from each other's experiences. That's why we encourage our members to "hang out together". We can learn from each other. That's why we have small groups, (we call them Life Groups").

Life groups are people who get together to fellowship, (Usually around a common interest). To see more check out our Life Groups page.

Your family & Our family

Growing together

Playing together

Worshiping together