Kidzlife Children Ministry are continually seeking the will of God for the lives of children.  Sunday school is only a fraction of kid's growth in the Lord; so we are also aiming to have a community focus and influence.  In short, we want to go beyond the four walls of the classroom in how we interact with kids.  We  believe Kidzlife is a ministry that not only flows in Christ in the classroom, but also flow into the move of God through our community.  When children came to Christ as read in Matthew 19:14, he added to them life and blessing.  In this demonstration of Christ's love for children, we know and believe that Christ makes a difference in every young life in God's House; and we believe that each one can be a planting of the Lord in God's great church (Psalm 92:13).  God has a plan for every child, and we are building young lives for their future in Christ!