Bedtime Bible Stories with The Skit Guys

Looking for some hope and humor? Every Friday night we are honored to feature Bedtime Bible Stories with The Skit Guys! Tommy and Eddie will share a Bible story with you, make you laugh, and point you to the hope we find in Jesus.
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#1.  Esther:  For Such A Time As This

In this episode, Eddie plays four of the main characters from the story of Esther as Tommy narrates the story. Aside from laughing out loud at Eddie’s characters, you’ll learn about how God used Esther, and think about how God can use you “for such a time as this.”

#2.  Lazarus
Tommy and Eddie imagine what it might have been like to be the people mourning for Lazarus, and what happened when Jesus called him to come forth. As you watch this story, you’ll learn more about the significance of the word, “name.”

#3.  The Widow's Offering

In this episode, Tommy and Eddie act out the story of the widow’s offering from Luke 21:1-4. You’ll laugh along with the guys and think about what it means to give what you can.

#4.  Jesus and The Perfume

Bart and Thomas, two of the disciples, help Tommy and Eddie tell the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with her expensive perfume. You’ll be challenged to think about what is pouring out of you and changing the atmosphere around you.

#5. The Story of Ehud
Hear Tommy and Eddie share the story of the left-handed man from the book of Judges. The story of Ehud will be full of surprises!

#6. The Good Samaritin
Tommy surprises Eddie with tonight’s story, calling on Eddie to act out all the parts in the story of the Good Samaritan. Laugh a lot while you learn about compassion.

#7. The Lord's Prayer
Tonight, Tommy and Eddie demonstrate different (not-so-great) kinds of prayer and show you a way to make The Lord’s Prayer feel more conversational with God.

#8. Jacob & Esau
Things get a little hairy as Tommy and Eddie tell the story of the brothers Jacob and Esau. You’ll crack up with the guys as you learn about making wise choices.

#9. Jonah
When God tells Jonah to go to Ninevah, Jonah doesn’t obey. Tonight, Eddie puts on a hat, Tommy puts on a mustache, and they put on a skit showing what might have happened.
#10. Zacchaeus
Tonight, there’s no better duo to tell the story of Zacchaeus than Mr. Drummond and Little Billy. Find out what grace looks like when Jesus invites this “wee little man” to dinner.