This Sunday

 Got back from vacation Tuesday. Had a great time with friends, and some quiet time with God. Fishing was just OK...(Johanna out-fished me again. Which I find very frustrating. I never should have got her started on fishing! This Sunday I am starting a series called "The Church I See!" I really want to share the vision of Harvest Life and my heart for the coming months. We are going to start some new exciting things at our church that will help everyone who comes. The church Jesus saw was a beautiful thing. It was something that created desire in the hearts of people. It was a place where people felt safe. It was a place where people felt encouraged. It was a place where they met God. Learned about God. Experienced the power of God in true community. This is the church I see. If you have a friend that has the wrong idea about what church is all about, this would be a good time to invite them. See you there!