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sitting in my office

I'm sitting in my office. Realizing I have the whole day here if I want. With the computer I can reach the world, or with prayer, I can reach myself. Change the world, or change myself...or maybe a little of both. Or I can fill my day with petty little things that really mean nothing...Joshua 24:15 Choose this day who you will serve...

The primary thing

The GREAT COMMANDMENT is to love God and love people. The GREAT COMMISION is to build the kingdom of God. These two things must be the primary focus of each Christian. Everything else is secondary. Family, friends, work, play, are secondary responsibilities God will help you fulfill. But never replace the primary things with a secondary thing. If you do this you will see God enrich every area to it’s fullest. Not one will lack.

God's Thoughts

THOUGHTS GOD HAS ABOUT ME: I am the most awesome person in the world. I am a significant part of God’s Plan for this generation. There are things God NEEDS me for. I am special in His eyes. He has placed all of Heaven at my disposal. I am the one God wants to speak through…WAIT A MINUTE!...HE THINKS THE SAME THINGS ABOUT YOU!.. AWESOME!


There are some words that when spoken, some people hear them so often that they mean little to them. Other people never hear them, and when spoken, can’t believe them. And yet they are the words God speaks the most…”I Love You.” If there is someone you say them to all the time, look them in the eyes, hold the gaze for 10 seconds, then say, “I Love You.” They will take on their true meaning then.
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