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two things

There are two things you can do on Earth that you can’t do in Heaven; sin, and talk to unsaved people about Christ… Which of the two do you think you’re still here for? Rick Warren.


Isn’t it amazing that today we have the opportunity to make a course change in our lives that can ultimately change the very course of our world. “Change”…what a powerful word! What I choose to do today can set a course for the rest of my life…or not. Actually, not doing anything, is still setting a course…to nowhere. This makes the decisions I make today so important.


I believe every person has one call. (What they are to do for God with their life.) But they also have many gifts. Your Call has a specific location and specific actions. You Gifts are different, they can be used everywhere and at any time. They are your talents and abilities. YOU can decide when and where to use them…or be stingy with them. Most people don’t realize this truth, and don’t realize how much God needs them. Take every opportunity to use the gifts God has given you.

Memorial Day

The blood of our fallen heroes cries out that we be true to the values they died for. I am so thankful for the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family. Jesus said, “No greater love has any man than that he would lay down his life for his brother.” Remember, on this day also, to give thanks for Christ’s sacrifice. He won the greatest war.

give it up

I heard T.D. Jakes say, "As you take a step forward into what God has for you, the foot behind you must give up where it's at. It must yield to where you are going. The past must yield to the future. What do you need to give up to step up?


When there is a need in your life, there are many good ways to meet them.

When you need encouragement, a good friend.

When you are sick, medicine.

When you need advice, a good counselor.

But all these have their limitations.

Ultimately, we are left with one option…to pray.

The one option with no limitations. It is there that we find unlimited encouragement, wisdom, and strength.

Nothing else will suffice…I think I will pray.

Look up!

In John 4:35 Jesus said (paraphrase), "Lift up your eyes, look to the fields, they are ripe, ready to harvest." Every day, we walk right by people who are searching for answers, ready to ask God to be a part of their lives. Don't be so busy that you keep your eyes down...lift them up!

It Hurts!

I’m crying. Went to my facebook profile and looked at my pictures. The one of Ashley jumping on the bed. Miss them so much! Love them so much it hurts. Do you love someone so much it hurts?

free will

I think we don’t yet, have a real grasp on the enormous ramifications of having a Free Will. The great gift God gave mankind was to make us in His image. But that great blessing can also be a great curse depending on how we use it. The only way for God to really give us a free will is to then also make a decision to let us decide our fate. He helps, He guides, but the decision is ours.


God places eternity in the hearts of men and asks them to examine the possibilities. God’s destiny for you stretches to eternity. What will you do with it?...Today?
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