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 With the right Perspective and Response you can influence the Outcome.

Change your Perspective and your Response will change.

You can change your Perspective by reading the Word of God.

It will affect change on the inside.

It helps you to see things the way God sees them.




Circumstance + Perspective + Response = Outcome.

Circumstances you can do nothing to change…what has happened, has happened.

Perspective and Response, you can control.

With the right Perspective and Response you can influence the Outcome.

If excuses are part of your perspective or response, you will affect the Outcome with them

Yesterday's Service.

 The lesson I taught yesterday was titled "God's Presence, what we learn." The first thing we learn is that in spite of our shortcomings, God loves and accepts us. What an awesome revelation! Standing in front of God, in all of his majesty, all his glory, all his power, and He looks at us and accepts us as a part of the family! WOW!

Have your way God!

We have done all we can. We have studied the Word to share with your people. We have practiced the songs to lead them into Worship. We have cleaned, set up chairs, plugged everything in, and made the coffee. The children's rooms are ready, lessons prepared, and smiles on our faces...
We have done everything we know to do.
Yet all these endevors mean nothing if you Oh God, are not here.
We invite you into this service and into our lives.
Have YOUR way.
We expect great things!

What if?

"What If?" What if you went to church tomorrow morning and decided to seek your HEAVENLY Father? What if you caught His attention? What if the scripture is REALLY true that says, "Draw near to me and I will draw near to you."? What if your heart reached out and touched God’s heart? What could happen? Think about it.

A little spark.

A little spark can start a forest fire. Be that spark! You can do it! I've seen it in you. Every generation has it's heroes. God has chosen you to be a hero for this generation!



This Generation

Acts 13:36 For David, after he had served the purpose of God in his own generation, fell asleep...THIS GENERATION NEEDS PEOPLE LIKE THAT! Christianity was never meant to be an extracurricular activity. I love being around people whose lives are centered around God. All the other "extracurricular" things in life are enriched when God is the center.




If each journey starts with the first step, and that first step determines the direction of that journey, and it’s destination…AND, if today truly is the “first day of the rest of my life”…then what I do today is CRITICAL to the rest of the journey. What I do today can and will determine my destiny.

You Can Do It!



discover the greatness

Our life is a gift to God and to others. Greatness lies in every person. Discover the greatness inside you and share it with others. Don't forget there is tremendous power in a smile, a hug, a word fitly given. Do something great today!
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